rainfall SC 14

The SC 14 collection has a sparkling rainbow metallic thread interwoven, for a unique feature. This stunning range of curtains offer endless interior scheme possibilities. Available in 3 stock sizes: 150cm x 260cm, 150cm x 300cm, 300cm x 300cm. A made to measure order service is available on all rainfall items, please contact our customer services for details.

multi-functional 3 in 1 heading system

Our multi functional heading system allows you the versatility of installing string curtains in 3 ways: For more detailed installation instructions see presentation box. Depth of header tape 7cm.

curtain rod heading

curtain rods

Curtain rods can be inserted with a diameter of up to 26mm comfortably or 30mm tightly.

curtain tracks heading

curtain tracks

Curtain tracks by using hooks. Supplementary plastic hooks are supplied in the presentation box.

loop tape heading

loop tape

Loop tape which is ready positioned on the curtains with opposite hook tape. Supplementary hook tape is supplied in the presentation box.